Hurricane Irma and the Problem of Evil

I’ve got a new post up on the Youth Specialties blog. It deals with the Problem of Evil and the nature of God after Hurricane Irma. Big ideas! Specifically, the post is tailored to youth ministers, and helping them respond well to youth with questions about God’s justice.

Check it out at this link.


3 Views on Atonement (And Why They Matter in Youth Ministry)

As we approach Easter each year, Christians often find themselves contemplating the death and resurrection of Jesus. Christians have understood the atonement Jesus brings in very different ways throughout the millennia. Many of us hear the same model so often, we assume this is the Christian idea or the Biblical idea.

This post will present a few models of Atonement Theory summarized pretty quickly. Then we’ll give a few notes on potential advantages and disadvantages of the different models in youth ministry. We hope this is a helpful starting point for asking further questions in a way that is pretty easy to understand.

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