Posts at Push of Pikes

Push of Pikes was a blog a few friends ran. I posted there for about a year while I was in grad school.

On Christian Objectivity Pt. 6: Practical Suggestions,” 6/17/11

Theology & Pop Culture: How?” 6/6/11

Theology & Pop Culture: Why?” 6/1/11

Album Review: Lady Gaga, Born This Way,” 5/24/11

On Christian Objectivity Pt. 5: bin Laden Is Dead!” 5/4/11

Easy Answers and Loving My Neighbor,” 4/13/11

P. Diddy and the Kingdom of God: Your Evangelism Is too Small,” 4/6/11

Christian Bale and the Nature of Sin,” 3/23/11

Why Atheists Follow Christ Better than Christians, Pt. 2,” 2/16/11

Why Atheists Follow Christ Better than Christians, and What To Do About It,” 2/9/11

How To Talk About Jesus  (Without Being a Jerk),” 2/4/11

Why Christians Are Arrogant (When Discussing Religion),” 1/26/11

Is It Sarah Palin’s Fault? No, but…” 1/19/11

On Christian Objectivity Pt. 4: Where do I Fit In?” 1/12/11

On Christian Objectivity Pt. 3: I Never Thought to Think Differently,” 12/22/10

On Christian Objectivity Pt. 2: Limited Options,” 12/1/10

On Christian Objectivity Pt. 1: Where You Are Shapes What You Think,” 11/22/10